Volvo 244 GL 1977


Peoples reaction to this car is normally: “It’s like new”!
–Well, it’s not like new, but it is very good. The first owner had the car maintained by the local Volvo service center and even had them repair some rust and repaint the car. This was in 1992 and it still looks good, so it’s safe to assume they did a good job. (The sills and rear fender edges were replaced and the floor and spare wheel well recieved patches).

The first owner had the entire dashboard replaced at 120.000 km because of some squeaks so the odometer now reads 55.000 km. Total milage is 175.000km. The engine runs fine and the cambelt hasn’t run far although I’d recommend it to be replaced due to old age. Tires are Michelins in good shape with 5 mm thread left. The protective seatcover is holed on the drivers side. Underneath the drivers seat has a hole on the right side of the seat. The right seat has a patch and some damage to the seat and several holes on the right side of the seatback. The rear seat is in good condition. The right rear lens is faded. Rust bubbles are starting at the lower front corner of both right hand doors and at the base of the windscreen. The underside of all doors look fine. There’s also a small rust bubble in the right front fender, and a scratch in the paint on the right rear fender and two small dents from the inside of the decklid. The car has plastic inner front fenders so there’s none of the usual rust where the bonnet hinges mount or in the front inner fenders. The engine bay is tidy, as is the boot.

The overall impression of the car is very good and I have had lots of fun driving it in the summer. The car runs and drives like new apart from warped front brake discs. Brand new discs and pads goes with the car. The original steeringwheel also goes with the car. The car has 5 original aluminium wheels that seems to be in good order and has recently been re-balanced. It even still has the wheel’s small center-caps. The sunroof is in working order and is leak free.
The windscreen needs sealing and there’s a small leak from the servo steering.
A great first classic or as I’ve used it, as a family classic; big, safe and with room for the child seat. The big boot is quite useful too!
This is a car that I would’nt hesitate driving anywhere! I did have it on several longish journeys last summer and it performed flawlessly and is really quite comfortable as well as having the power to overtake slower traffic. The GL was the top model in 1977.
Not many left of the early design now and very rare in this condition.
Lack of time, too many projects and the loss of a garage space forces sale.
Might trade for motorbike –or give me a reasonable offer.

Chrestian Willhans.
Siljansvägen 134
s-793 70 Tällberg

Volvo 244 GL 1977.
175.000 km.
Two previous owners.
2,1 liter B21 engine with fuel injection /123 hp/ps.
Automatic gearbox.
Servo brakes,
Towing hook.
Electric engine pre heater.
Four original headrests (rare).
Original radio
Protective seatcovers over the original velour seats.
Five (5) original aluminium wheels.
Sports steeringwheel. The original steeringwheel also goes with the car.
Runs and drives like new.
Dont have the time the car deserves.